Dazzling Diamonds

Unveiling the sparkling jewelries that yield a remarkable investment “Diamonds are forever” was not said without a reason. A diamond has a far-fetched physical endurance that could make it last perpetually. Compared to other luxurious goods, such as cars and houses, diamonds have more intrinsic value as these pieces of jewelry will not loose their shape, color and shining spark. From the perspective of natural resources, diamond’s stocks are very limited. Diamonds are getting rare. So, t … [Read more...]

Luxury to Last

HighEnd discovers the hidden treasures in the newest collection of rare pearls. With countless years of experience in jewelry industry, Tia Goldsmith shows a glitter array of fine jewelry masterpieces displayed in the Mondial Store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. This chain store is operated under the management of Mondial Jeweler, a Singapore based leading jewelry company in Southeast Asia, which has established its presence with stores opened in the island city-state and … [Read more...]

Penny Black

The popularity of the world’s first postage stamp continues to increase with higher appreciation value.   While philately offers an esoteric form of investment, it was Sir Rowland Hill who initially proposed the radical reform of the postal system to the British Parliament in 1837. Three years later, in 1840, the United Kingdom introduced the Penny Black, the world’s first postage stamp. May 1, 1840 historically marked the maiden release of the first Penny Black, showing a profile image of … [Read more...]

Sparkling Success

With more innovations being brought to the table, Swarovski Gems is gradually expanding its market presence in Southeast Asia. Swarovski Gems, a branded subsidiary of global jewelry giant Swarovski, sees the Southeast Asia’s improved economy will pave the way for the business to reach untapped markets in the region. “In terms of sales, Southeast Asia and India represent our largest market with around 35 percent contribution to the business,” Kurt Zbinden, regional director for Southeast Asi … [Read more...]

Absolute Luxury

Riding on the Asia’s favorable economic growth and improved investment climate, luxury global airport retailer DFS Group is expanding its operations in the region with more innovative business concept.   The fast growing population of millionaires in Asia has become the engine that drives more avid consumers of premium brands in the luxury goods industry. Propelled by the region’s sound economy, this prosperous condition has resulted in retailers outdoing each other in an effort to create t … [Read more...]

Lucratively Rare

Some people simply can’t get enough of things from the past, as the art of collecting goes beyond just purchasing antiques and other collectibles. Humans are graced with a sense of appreciation for finer things in life. Such appreciation is also applied in the realm of collecting antiques and other collectible art objects. Very seldom do mastery and craftsmanship go unacknowledged. We know that it takes high skills, precision, patience and passion to be able to create a piece of art that can … [Read more...]

Red Carpet Medical: Where Top-Notch Healthcare and Lifestyle Combine

PRESS RELEASE The success story of Singapore’s long achievements in the medical industry has paved the way for numerous accolades and recognition as a world-class healthcare hub. Singaporean citizens and international patients have therefore enjoyed the high-quality of health services the country has to offer. Today, Singapore has emerged even further as a top-notch medical center in Asia Pacific owing to not only the country’s high-quality medical services, but no less important, more res … [Read more...]

Pazia Indonesia Grand Prix 2011 Set to Start the Season

  PRESS RELEASE PT Pazia Pillar Mercycom, in partnership with PT Arthayasa Sporthorse Equestrian Service, is set to organize Pazia Indonesian Grand Prix 2011, which will be held from June 2 to 5, 2011 at Arthayasa Stable & Country Club, Depok. As a contribution to the equestrian sports in the archipelago, this four-day event will feature dozens of equestrians who will compete in such an esteemed grand prix that includes the qualification classes in dressage and show … [Read more...]

Gaining a momentum through Pazia Jumping Grand Prix

As a means of supporting the equestrian sports in the archipelago, PT Pazia Pillar Mercycom is organizing Pazia Jumping Grand Prix Indonesia 2010 from May 7 to 9 at Pulomas Horse Track in Jakarta. Taking place from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on each day, the three-day event features dozens of equestrians who will compete in this esteemed grand prix which comprises of two event categories; All about Horses and Pazia Jumping Grand Prix 2010. In addition, this event includes Photo Competition of … [Read more...]

Nathan Hartono: Bringing a New Face in Jazz

The mindset of Jazz as a music genre commonly performed and enjoyed by folks in their 40s and 50s is not always right. The presence of 17-year-old Nathan Hartono, the Singapore’s youngest jazz singer, has proven that more youngsters nowadays enjoy the syncopated rhythm music of jazz. Nathan’s boyish good look and heart-breaking smile add perfection to his polished singing style and charismatic stage performance; the fuses that light the hearts of young teenage girls as well as ladies in their … [Read more...]