Ultimate Connectivity and Creativity with Samsung GALAXY Note II and Samsung GALAXY SIII

Samsung, the largest OEM of mobile phones in the world,has never taken a break in innovation. The company continues to spoil people with its range of products that integrate sophisticated communication and connectivity, entertainment, and productivity. Samsung GALAXY Note II –The Might Redefined Samsung Galaxy Note II has taken advanced leaps and bounds from where its predecessor started. Samsung GALAXY Note II excels in term of design, hardware might, and capabilities. With its … [Read more...]

Investors’ Best Friend

Not only do they last forever, diamonds also yield a remarkable pricing zeal proven to be recession-proof. It is present at your life’s biggest moments – engagement and wedding – and still probably wrapped around your ring finger for all these years. No matter how big or small they are, diamonds are a form of investment that not many are aware of. Some may have heard the term “Blood Diamond” – starred by Leonardo Dicaprio in a film back in 2000s – but then again when one is asked about the … [Read more...]

Gamelan: is it game over?

Can this traditional Indonesian musical ensemble continue to mark the rhythms of human life? Words: Aulia R. Sungkar     Photography: M.I. Mappasenge Jetstar Asia Magazine, June 2013 NEW PASSION Despite fears that the popularity of gamelan is fading in Indonesia, Kenthus notices that this Javanese ensemble has attracted more and more foreigners, such as those from the US, Australia and Japan. But will this be enough to keep it going? Only time will tell. Literally meaning o … [Read more...]

The Game of Kings

Retracing the history of polo, the royal game that has won the hearts of the noble in many corners of the world. Historians have traced the origin of polo back over two thousand five hundred years. Some sources say that nomadic warriors made up the first team played the sport throughout history, while many agree that the game started in Persia. Despite the different views on who first played this game of kings, most historians would believe that the Moguls were the ones who brought the … [Read more...]

Days in A Polo Life

Indonesia’s only polo club has set the pace for nurturing and developing talents and enthusiasts from across the archipelago.    Nusantara Polo Club was built with the enthusiasm that breathes the spirit to drive Indonesian athletes to compete at the international arena. Aside from accommodating the national athletes with housing and regular trainings, the club also attracts other polo and equestrian enthusiasts from all levels of competence to hone their polo skills, as well as those w … [Read more...]

Five-Star Polo Grounds

If you're a true player, you'll stay where the games are.  The only hotel in the U.K. with its own polo fields and practice facilities, Coworth Hotel in Berkshire is a mansion-turned-hotel affiliated with the Hurlingham Polo Association. The world-class polo ground is managed by Guards Polo Club, an internationally-renowned polo club with 60-years experience of hosting world-class polo events. Lessons with well-known players are included in the rate and if you're lucky, the polo matches … [Read more...]

Six Degrees -Jakarta-

Indonesia’s capital is transforming itself into a more creative megapolis. Six locals tell us who's making a difference Words: Aulia R. Sungkar     Photography: M.I. Mappasenge Jetstar Asia Magazine, January 2013 Fergie Tan Occupation: Creative director Business: Brown Fox Studio “Plaza Senayan marries creativity and lifestyle” The younger generation in Jakarta is looking forward to seeing Indonesia’s capital become a more modern and forward-thinking city. This is where Fergie … [Read more...]

Dazzling Diamonds

Unveiling the sparkling jewelries that yield a remarkable investment “Diamonds are forever” was not said without a reason. A diamond has a far-fetched physical endurance that could make it last perpetually. Compared to other luxurious goods, such as cars and houses, diamonds have more intrinsic value as these pieces of jewelry will not loose their shape, color and shining spark. From the perspective of natural resources, diamond’s stocks are very limited. Diamonds are getting rare. So, t … [Read more...]

Luxury to Last

HighEnd discovers the hidden treasures in the newest collection of rare pearls. With countless years of experience in jewelry industry, Tia Goldsmith shows a glitter array of fine jewelry masterpieces displayed in the Mondial Store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. This chain store is operated under the management of Mondial Jeweler, a Singapore based leading jewelry company in Southeast Asia, which has established its presence with stores opened in the island city-state and … [Read more...]

Penny Black

The popularity of the world’s first postage stamp continues to increase with higher appreciation value.   While philately offers an esoteric form of investment, it was Sir Rowland Hill who initially proposed the radical reform of the postal system to the British Parliament in 1837. Three years later, in 1840, the United Kingdom introduced the Penny Black, the world’s first postage stamp. May 1, 1840 historically marked the maiden release of the first Penny Black, showing a profile image of … [Read more...]