Faysal Gouia: ‘Globalization should be seen as opportunity’

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the north African country of Tunisia with its age-old blend of Eastern and Western civilization has succeeded in achieving not only a diversified modern refinement but also a paradigm of economic development. The country's success in trade stems back to ancient times, when it was the breadbasket for much of the Roman empire. By the same token, Tunisia has been boosting its international trade since gaining independence from France in 1956. In fact, … [Read more...]

Patrick Perez: ‘Arts and traditional culture should be cultivated’

Traditional culture is an intermingle of skills, arts, beliefs and customs of a group of people, which has been passing on from one generation to another. It has set attitudes, behavior and value that characterize one group of company, ethnic, region and nation. Indonesia’s ethnic diversity has given birth to many traditional cultures, and its people should utilize such diversity to discover the essentially rich national culture.Patrick Perez, director of Centre Culturel de Francaise, shared his … [Read more...]