Nutrition important in child development

Parents are trying hard to do their best in raising their children, which is no mean feat consideration today's tough conditions. Part and parcel of this endeavor is that many parents put their children's education in the forefront. However, one should not forget that nutrition and health care are necessary tools to nurture a child's growth. Lack of nutrition has the potential to impede a child's physical and intellectual growth. Poor nutrition can also reduce a child's capability and … [Read more...]

Jacques Durand: ‘Lipotomy the fastest and safest diet method’

There are a myriad of diet programs available nowadays. Exercise, surgery, acupuncture and diet pills are among the best known methods on offer to those trying to lose weight. Many, looking for quicker results, prefer to use liposuction, a surgical method to remove fat deposits from the body. Nevertheless, few have heard of the term ‘lipotomy.’ The word lipotomy itself is made up of the words ‘lipo’, meaning fat, and ‘tomy’ which means dissolution. In basic terms, lipotomy is a method of diss … [Read more...]

Tips to choose packaged milk

More brands of packaged milk available on the market are outdoing each other in their claims of being the best. In line with this, many people are uncertain of which milk most suits their needs. The following are tips on choosing high quality packaged milk suitable for your needs: Powdered or fresh milk? The high temperature involved in the process of making powdered milk reduces nutrients such as vitamins C and E. From a nutritional perspective, fresh milk is therefore superior to … [Read more...]

Milk nourishment for healthier life

World Milk Day is marked annually on June 1. Initiated by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Milk Day is aimed at encouraging people to consume quality food that enables them to lead active, healthy lives, which is in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals. The Jakarta Post presents a special report looking at the importance of drinking milk. As a healthy nutrient, milk is one of the most effective assets to the human body. Not only does milk help children grow, … [Read more...]

Building Clean Water Facilities & Environmental Sustainability

Danone Aqua’s Clean Water Access and Environmental Health program provides examples of how the company has committed to helping local communities access clean water. Looking at the fact that there are many communities in regions nationwide still facing the difficulty in accessing clean water, Danone Aqua proposed to realize the program to the 2009 UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Awards. Planned and implemented in accordance with the necessity and assessment in a number of local c … [Read more...]

Natural is Always Best

In line with its new tag line “Caring for Life” and as a means of meeting the world’s highest nutritious standard, Greenfields delivers its naturally fresh milk straight from its own dairy farm. The fresh milk is obtained by consumers in the best preserved way, with all the nature of healthy nutrients remaining. Calcium to grow strong bones and teeth, vitamins to give you protection, proteins to build your body, and no less important, the taste is delicious and fresh to drink. Some manuf … [Read more...]