Farah Angsana: Couture Explorer

Determined to innovate for difference, international fashion designer Farah Angsana is exploring her international inspiration of design through her latest masterpieces which are inspired by the beauty of her motherland. Born in Medan, brought up in London and Los Angeles, and currently resides in Zurich, Farah made her debut showcasing her collection in Paris back in 2002, and has ever since featured her haute couture and bridal collections in esteemed events such as Long Angeles and New … [Read more...]

Cutting Edge

Over a relaxed cup of coffee at an upscale South Jakarta hotel, Rusly Tjohnardi talks about what it’s like being on the cutting edge of Indonesian fashion and Aulia Rachmat shared the conversation with us. The 29-year-old Rusly has his own label, through which he delivers his haute-couture pieces to the country’s fashionistas. Having conquered the local scene, Rusly is now casting his eye on the global market. Becoming a fashion designer was just a dream in the beginning, but through years … [Read more...]

Rusly Tjohnardi: Glitz n Glam

Through his signature draping and high-octane tailoring, young designer Rusly Tjohnardi has made great strides in the global fashion realm. Pointing at his latest collection being staged on the catwalk during a rehearsal of his recent premier solo show, Rusly asserts that fashion is a virtual world where everything within possesses the characters of beautiful, posh, luxurious, to name a few. “And our colourful world reflects the glamorous fashion realm.” Inherited the talent of art from his … [Read more...]

Haute Couture with A Flair All Their Own

As the term globalization means living in the borderless era, the world of fashion gives the opportunity for eminent fashion brands to expand their product ranges. It has been more than three decades that the name Giorgio Armani has become one of the prestigious icons in a global fashion. Trendsetter in the ongoing revolution in male’s clothing, Armani has put itself forefront in its concept of making elegant sporty dress for not only men, but also women. The brand’s contemporary aes … [Read more...]

Rising Star Fashion

With innovative creativity in fashion design, Douglas and Odile Benjamin have not only brought the art deco of 1920s to life, but their home-grown Singaporean Raoul brand is now en route to becoming one of the world-class fashion brand icons. With the kindhearted smile, Douglas and Odile Benjamin express their delight of the success of their fashion label. Dressed in black with Odile wearing classy skirt, the couple looked at matching colours at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Douglas, Chief … [Read more...]