Swarovski: A Legacy to Continue

Story by Aulia R. Sungkar; Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono Originally published in August-September 2018 edition of Indonesia Design It has been more 123 years since Daniel Swarovski invented a crystal-cutting machine with high precision in Tyrol, Austria. Fast forward, Swarovski has not only successfully maintained its family ownership for five generations, but the giant is known as one of the world’s market leaders in cut crystal for jewellery, decorative pieces, lighting and in … [Read more...]

Built to last

Words: Aulia R. Sungkar Photos: Courtesy of Levi's Originally was published in JPlus on April 19, 2015. Levi’s brand whiz Chip Bergh is bringing the blue jeans pioneer back to its glory with sustainability, innovation and social media approaches. How to take proper care of a pair of denims has been a subject of debate for decades; some say hand washing is the best method while many others throw their jeans in the washing machine. Regardless of the choice of the method, Charles “ … [Read more...]

Putting the Boot in

Words & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in JPlus of The Jakarta Post. Outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland is forging ahead the Asia Pacific region with the opening of new stores. Stewart Whitney is pointing at a pair of yellow, eight-hole boots at the Timberland’s recently-opened Bali store. “Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original boot. The model is the epitome of timeless style.” The legendary, iconic yellow boot is synonymous with the brand, whi … [Read more...]

VERSACE: A Fashion Plate that Brings Colorful Collections

The Italian luxury fashion house Versace infuses timeless and glamorous sophistication into Spring/Summer 2013 Versace collections, which also include the collections of Versace Jeans and the brand’s line Versus. For this season, Versus makes a strong statement in every way, fully loaded with color and texture. And the Versace Jeans this season comes with more edgy design that creates a sense of simple yet elegant. In the women collection, fashion designer Donatella Versace presents a s … [Read more...]

Versace: A Fashion Plate

The Versace autumn/winter latest collection has come out with its cutting-edge fashion lifestyle with the spirit of masculine energy, balance and contrast blends. One of the world’s leading fashion designer houses shows play of balance and contrast in a modern silhouette of voluminous cropped coats, mid-calf skirts, pencil-thin trousers and short dresses with billowing pleats that kept under control with graphic bands which wrap around the body. In addition, the Italian prestige of Versace … [Read more...]

Roberto Cavalli: Sensuality Seasons

Roberto Cavalli presents his sensuality debut in his fall-winter collections this year. Inspired by the sensually adulterated beauty of young Liz Taylor, the feminine intense force of Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Splendour in The Grass, the exotic influence of Latin romance, Cavalli’s gratification in his new winter fashionista is unquestionably a breakthrough for those ladies who adore sensuality as a hidden sexiness. “I believe that overt sexiness is finished. There’s more harmony and … [Read more...]

Biyan Wanaatmadja: Where East and West Meet

For designer Biyan Wanaatmadja, fashion realm is not only crafting highly elegant embellished ethereal pieces, but it is an expression of the world’s colourful society. Having a friendly talk with Indonesia’s noted fashion designer in his cozy studio put a relaxing afternoon with a jovial mood. Looked rather laid-back in style, Biyan is indeed a visionary playing get-up-and-go when it comes to innovating his haute-couture for Indonesian celebrities and high-profile socialites. Indeed, B … [Read more...]

Ashley Isham: The Trendsetter

The world has been casting a weather eye on a London based Singapore born designer Ashley Isham as his signature draping and strong tailoring have become one of the prestigious icons in a global fashion. Still in the early 30s, the urban fashion trendsetter Ashley has won the heart of fashionistas with his cutting-edge designs and distinctive blends of high-octane glamour and contemporary styling. Having arrived in London in 1996 from his native Singapore land, Ashley embarked on his … [Read more...]

Christiane Brunk: Keeping the Legacy

The fourth generation to helm the family business of Braun Büffel, Christiane Brunk tells HighEnd her vision for the brand to maintain its tradition of leather craftsmanship while catering to consumers’ changing needs.  What is it that really defines timeless? The answer to this question will vary. But in the fashion industry, ‘timeless’ is often used to describe ‘classic’ as a simple elegant style that is not outmoded. “In my dictionary, timeless should contain the elements of durability, … [Read more...]

Farah Angsana: Innovating a Couture

International fashion designer Farah Angsana is showing the world how the beauty of Indonesia has contributed to her latest masterpieces. Aulia R. Sungkar finds out more. The Indonesian born, Zurich based fashion designer has won the hearts of the world’s crème de la crème fashionistas with her haute couture and bridal collections, which are frequently showcased in esteemed events such as Los Angeles and New York fashion weeks. This time, Farah is rediscovering her talent bearing the … [Read more...]