JAKARTA MONTESSORI SCHOOL: ‘We Nurture Children A Love of Learning’

In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international schooling have become the fundamental in raising the children. As a consequence thereof, there are now many international schools using English as the language of instruction, ranging from early childhood to primary level, offering a variety of curricula. In spite of the different approach each of these schools has to offer, Jakarta Montessori School (JMS) has since its establishment in 1986 come up with a unique system … [Read more...]


With education being an essential tool to discover a child learning potential, coupled with the aim of preparing the child for globalization era; demand for international education is on the rise. It goes without saying that students at an international curriculum school are molded to have a healthy international outlook. In addition to taking on their academic pathway, they are naturally exposed to different cultures that promote open-mindedness and tolerance. In line with the melting pot … [Read more...]

Building the bedrock of international value

The growing number of international curriculum schools is allowing parents to choose an alternative kind of education, which has the potential to inculcate in their children international values that encourage the children to be innovative, creative and independent. With education being an essential tool to discover a child's learning potential, coupled with the aim of preparing the child for the globalization era, demand for international education is on the rise. It goes without saying … [Read more...]

Pursuing an education in Singapore

Singapore, known as a shopping hub and tourist destination, has long seen the emergence of world-class universities, providing alternative quality education for Indonesians pursuing study overseas. Besides using English as its first language, with increasing globalization, Singapore has become more of a melting pot. Ethnic Chinese, who make up the majority of the population, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live together harmoniously. Not to mention a large number of expatriates from all over … [Read more...]

Seeking Out International Values at A Young Age

As early years education is a crucial stage to determine the child’s future success intellectually and emotionally, demand for preschool and kindergarten are on the rise. As a result, a variety of preschools offering a range of curricula and approaches have appeared, leaving many parents more choices to select which learning method is best suited to their children. In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international education have become the fundamental in raising the c … [Read more...]

Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis: ‘Our Students Think outside the Box’

In today’s era of globalization, entrepreneurship seems to be prevalent and has the capacity that is likely to surpass many routine occupations. A number of business schools in the archipelago, as a consequence, have been growing rapidly. Nevertheless, how effective is these schools in terms of producing good entrepreneur? Thoby Mutis, the University Trisakti’s rector said that a business school will not make its students an accountant or manager. Nor does it guarantee the students to be a suc … [Read more...]

Preschool: Springboard to Success

Despite the long educational process which every child needs to go through, the fundamentals of early human development rely on early childhood programs. It is understood, therefore, that it is every parent's dream to have their children take advantage of the best educational opportunities available. The growth of international preschools and kindergartens in Indonesia has paved the way for better educational awareness among parents. As more schools are outdoing each other with their splendid … [Read more...]

Taking Pride in Indonesian Children

Witnessing her nine grandchildren grow up, Mufidah Jusuf Kalla enthuses to Aulia R. Sungkar that the children of Indonesia are in great potential to participate in today’s globalization era. With a humble voice and friendly smile, the wife of the tenth Indonesia’s Vice President Jusuf Kalla welcomes Indonesia Tatler Bambini at her residence in Central Jakarta prime area. While introducing her nine grandchildren, Mufidah says that being around with them is an incomparable source of hap … [Read more...]

Seto Mulyadi: The Bright Side of Homeschooling

In modern countries homeschooling has become an option for parents to provide education for their children. In Indonesia, homeschooling is still a controversial issue yet this new trend of schooling has potential to be an educational breakthrough for parents seeking both flexibility and curricula-based outcomes. Homeschooling is basically a learning process that can be conducted everywhere, particularly at home, with their family or children in the communities. Parents can creatively build a … [Read more...]

Tony Earnshaw: Dealing with Reading Difficulties

Dyslexia means difficulties in reading and spelling. Originating from the Greek language, the word itself is comprised of dys, meaning difficulties, and lexis which are words. Having dyslexia, to many people, is often associated with the loss of the ability to read due to brain damage. It is, however, a reading distortion where the ability to read is impeded despite the child's normal intelligence. Tony Earnshaw, an Australian educational psychologist and also the author of Dealing with … [Read more...]