PSKD, a paragon of national education

With the melting pot of culture dominating today's era of globalization, PSKD Mandiri has been striving to create an Indonesian school model that enables students to learn how to both live and cope with complexity and diversity. "We inculcate our students with a high-value international education approach without having to overlook the national curriculum standard," says PSKD Mandiri executive director Tya Adhitama. Using both English and Bahasa Indonesia as the language of instruction, … [Read more...]

‘It’s a Total English Environment’

With globalization, the world is not only becoming more interconnected but the role of English as an international language has become increasingly important to adults.  This has led to the appearance of English learning centers not only in major cities but also in towns all over the country, each promoting its own methods for teaching the language. Regardless of the approach, the speed with which the language can be learned varies from one person to another. Most importantly, people learning … [Read more...]

Irma Gold Kunisch: Giving children a second chance

In the past few years, Irma Gold-Kunisch has committed herself to supporting early childhood programs in quake-stricken Giriloyo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, by helping children to learn to value themselves and to imagine new possibilities. A retired German medical doctor, Kunisch first set up a makeshift school for children affected by the May 2006 quake. "As I could not work in a hospital without the language knowledge, I decided to work with children since their language is … [Read more...]

Can special needs students benefit from int’l education?

Children with learning difficulties can attain schooling success if they are given opportunities, effective teaching approaches and appropriate programs. Despite the fact that some international curriculum schools offer programs for children with special needs, can these children -- whether they have dyslexia, autism, Down's syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) -- actually benefit from an … [Read more...]

Moh. Shofan: Struggling to introduce pluralism to education

The role of pluralism is very significant in a democratic country. Religious tolerance is an essential element of pluralism and therefore it is important that everyone respect each other's beliefs. Correspondingly, when a Muslim says "Merry Christmas" to a Christian or a Christian "Happy Idul Fitri" to a Muslim, it is a paying of respect that symbolizes religious tolerance. To young intellectual Moh. Shofan, ironically, his religious tolerance has ruined his career, leading to a long … [Read more...]

Achieving success through an Australian education

Established in July 1996 in Pejaten of South Jakarta by a group of parents who were educators, the Australian International School (AIS) Indonesia has grown from an initial enrollment of only 11 students to over 500 students housed on three successful campuses -- in Kemang (South Jakarta), Pejaten and Bali. During an interview with The Jakarta Post contributor Aulia Rachmat, AIS Principal Penny Robertson explained how the school gained success in preparing its students for an Australian … [Read more...]

`Studying in Australia offers better future’

Australian Education International (AEI) is an international government body at the Department of Education, Science and Training that promotes international government relations with activities of Australia's education community.   The Jakarta Post contributor Aulia Rachmat spoke with Shannon Smith, Counselor of Education, Science and Training at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, on how the AEI plays its role in providing information to students and parents seeking information on … [Read more...]

Extracurricular activities make students creative

A number of non-academic activities such as those in the fields of music, sports and language, as well as leadership and organizational activities can be a potential means of building a student's character. In addition, such activities can develop a student's talents, interests and skills as a way to compete positively in today's globalization era. It is a fact that students involved in extracurricular activities not only get better grades but are also more creative than those not … [Read more...]

Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid: ‘Educational system needs a change’

The abundant natural resources at Indonesia's disposal need better qualified human resources to ensure maximized utilization for the benefit of the nation and its people as a whole. Unfortunately, the rigidity of Indonesia's education system, its infamous rote learning system, has helped little in developing the future generations. Indonesian school-aged children need a proper education and the government should promote the importance of education. It is the right time for Indonesia to … [Read more...]

Patricia Koh: ‘Preschool ages potential in rapid learning’

It is the dream of every parent to have each of their children succeed at school. Consequently, many Asian parents have adopted strict disciplinary regimes when raising their children, with many beginning from preschool. Singaporean Patricia Koh, an early childhood expert and founding director of Pat’s Schoolhouse, tells The Point that every child needs discipline, but enforcing strict discipline does not always bring the desired outcomes. The following are excerpts from our i … [Read more...]