Starting young in teaching environmental awareness

In line with heightened concern about global warming, the formal education sector, particularly among national plus and international schools, offers classes on environmental awareness as part of the curriculum. Education experts believe that it’s a case of the earlier, the better to instill this environmental concern in students. “The goal is clear. We want to raise awareness among students from an early age about the benefits of green living,” said Jenti Martono, the principal and acade … [Read more...]

Chinese Challenge: More Indonesians Learning Mandarin

Indonesians are going mad for Mandarin in record numbers as they look to give their careers a boost by taking advantage of China’s growing economic influence and its improved ties here. Nandito Brotowinoto, general manager of Indonesia Design magazine, is one such Indonesian who thinks Mandarin is an important language to learn if you want an edge in business. “I have to say that it is highly recommended that you know Mandarin as a third language after English,” he said. “Looking at the inc … [Read more...]

Jeju Global Education City:An International Education Haven

With educational investment playing a more significant role toward the country’s rapid and sustained economic growth, South Korean Government has launched the nationally-funded project of a world-class education city. Jeju Global Education City, an initiative of South Korean Government and Jeju Free International City Development Center, is an education based urban development that houses an array of internationally high quality schools, colleges and other related education institutions as w … [Read more...]

Why Should YOU try Europe?

As diverse as they are plentiful, thousands of institutions of higher education sprawl across Europe, ranging from universities to language schools and research establishments. Indeed, Europe has long built a worldwide reputation as a haven for international learning. Recent research from Ohio State University in the United States indicates that among the world’s top 100 universities, 41 are from European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, French, the Netherlands, N … [Read more...]

30 Years and Counting!

Bina Nusantara (BINUS) has for three decades maintained its education excellence toward nurturing today’s generation to reap tomorrow’s benefits. Founded by Joseph Wibowo Hadipoespito and his daughter Theresia Widya Suryaningsih, BINUS has gone through many stages and achieved a fine reputation in the realm of education. Behind the success of BINUS lays Joseph’s philosophy of the “3K Strategy” – Kesempatan (opportunity), Keberanian yang bertanggung jawab (responsible courage) and Kerja kera … [Read more...]

Education Venture

Aside from helping children escape from early failure, investing in high quality early childhood education can enhance economic vitality. Business-wise, the investment offers a profound market potential. The increasing public awareness of the importance of early childhood learning experiences has paved the way for the mushrooming of formal and informal education institutions in Indonesia’s big cities, particularly Jakarta. The evidence is obvious. The quality of life as an adult can be t … [Read more...]

Swiss German University: A Future Investment

Investing in children education requires more than just spending a large sum of money. Quality unquestionably should come first. Thank to globalization era that the door of international education has been opened widely, paving the way for more fields of study. And for those who seek international quality education in either undergraduate or graduate schools without having to leave the country, Swiss German University has become an alternative to studying abroad. Situated in Bumi Serpong … [Read more...]

Tutor Time: Nurturing the best

As parents want the best education their money can buy for their children, today’s demand for early education has been on the rise. As a result, a variety of preschools and kindergartens offering a range of curricula and approaches have brought to the table, leaving many parents frustrated to choose which learning method fits best to their children. This all due to the fact that parents, in general, want their children to reach their potential in learning. However, they should realize that c … [Read more...]

Computer, the ‘in’ thing at preschool

As the role of technology has become an integrated part in the realm of education, many preschools now use computer programs as educational tools to help children at an early age develop their various skills, from literacy to science. Amazing graphics with colorful pictures and other interesting features displayed on a computer screen indeed attract children's attention. And with a wide choice of interactive software programs specifically designed to cater to children's educational needs, … [Read more...]

Learning beyond school walls

Schooling should not be limited to the classroom or in-school activities. Students need to be given the opportunity to interact with surroundings outside their school. For that reason, many schools that adopt an international curriculum include field trips as a part of the school's learning program to stimulate thinking and creative skills in the students. Participating in such outings is indeed stimulating as students can enrich their experience beyond the confines of the school. Chen … [Read more...]