Vadyo Munaan: Mastering Global Payments

As credit card has become an indispensable part of urban life, Vadyo Munaan expresses his delight to see more innovative and secure credit card products. Indeed, a credit card has more to offer than just plastic money. It has become a supportive tool in today’s life of comfort, from great discounts offered by restaurants to automated billing program that enables cardholders to avoid standing in long lines to pay utility bills. “And when you need emergency cash, a credit card’s cash advance … [Read more...]

Fanda Soesilo: Aspired to Innovate

Aware of Indonesia’s huge potential, Fanda Soesilo established a company that incubates Indonesian creative ideas into a sustainable business. “There are so many talented and highly creative people in the archipelago. A lot of them have invented new products or something innovative that can bring positive changes in communities. But they have no clue on how to market the products they have invented,” Fanda remarks. Seeing such unfavorable condition urged Fando to start up a private incub … [Read more...]

Aidil Akbar Madjid:A Financial Doctor

Being consistent in the sectors of financial planning and wealth management, Aidil Akbar Madjid has eventually achieved a success in a profession that was not virtually known in Indonesia in the early 1990s. Akbar, as colleagues and friends affectionately call, is now president director of three linked companies; Pavilion Wealth Management, PT Pavilion Capital and PT Global Financial Services. In addition, he is chairman of Akbar’s Financial Check Up (AFC) and commissioner of PT Inamas Sakti S … [Read more...]

Edhi Sumadi: The Merchant of Spirit

Being consistent in his marketing strategy and promotional efforts, Edhi Sumadi has successfully hit the road on sales achievement in premium spirits and wines. “There are two most important aspects in running the business of alcoholic beverages, which are structure and networking,” the commercial director of Pernod Ricard Indonesia remarks. Pernod Ricard holds the marketing and distribution licenses for spirit brands such as Chivas Regal, Martell, Absolut Vodka, Wild Turkey and Jam … [Read more...]

Dessy Masri: The Awakened Giant

With a wealth of banking experience under her belt, Dessy Masri shares her enthusiasm on a platinum banking product that facilitates the luxurious needs of distinguished premium society in the archipelago. The acquisition of American Express (AMEX) business by Bank Danamon in September 2006 has made the bank one of the largest card issuers in Indonesia. Dessy Masri, executive vice president for American Express Card Business Head, says that the increasing number of AMEX card members in the … [Read more...]

William Henley: Savvy with Capital Market

Optimistic about the future of Indonesia’s economy, William Henley keeps climbing higher while staying confident in the realm of capital market. “Return on Investment really depends on the general condition and situation of economy,” the director of PT CIMB Securities Indonesia remarks. William, who has held his post since October 2008, refers to the present market appraisal at Jakarta Composite Stock Index (Index Harga Saham Gabungan) which showed an increase of around 90 percent in 2009. … [Read more...]

Javier Salgado: The Premium Banker

With more various wealth management products and services being brought to the table, Javier Salgado expresses his optimism on a premium banking proposition. The head of personal financial services of HSBC Indonesia asserts that bankers need to build a more personal relationship with their wealthy customers in order to cater the customers’ banking needs. “We therefore offer a solution wherein our relationship managers are able to assist our privilege customers at most,” Javier adds. … [Read more...]

Meliana Sutikno: Winning the Future

Banking veteran Meliana Sutikno enthuses over the current global recovery which has the potential not only to improve the Indonesia’s economy, but no less important, to help fellow Indonesians realize their dream of a better life. Everyday is busy day for the Citibank’s retail banking head at one of the Jakarta’s swanky office buildings. Ever since she was assigned to head the division in September 2005, the get-up-and-go Meliana has managed to grow the business by more than 100 percent in Ass … [Read more...]

Jonathan Larsen: Life should have balance

“In line with the ongoing global recovery, Indonesian banking looks brighter as more Indonesians want to grow their wealth and protect their family,” Jonathan Larsen, Citibank’s head of consumer banking and global cards for Asia Pacific, said during a recent visit to Jakarta. With the recovery in the macroeconomic environment in Indonesia, Larsen remarked that Indonesians, particularly those in the growing middle class, had potential for financial success. “More than 7,000 SMEs operating in Tan … [Read more...]

Yuliasiane Sulistiyawati: The IT savvy entrepreneur

“Not only is IT now the world’s fastest growing industry, but with a population of more than 240 million, Indonesia is unquestionably a promising global market for IT products,” says Yuliasiane Sulistiyawati, founder and president director of PT Pazia Pillar Mercycom, an authorized distributor of Acer and Samsung products. Appointed a distributor of Acer notebook in 2005, PT Pazia has headed the pack for notebook sales in the country for five consecutive years. The company started business wit … [Read more...]