Looking on the bright side

Citibank country officer Shariq Mukhtar tells Aulia Rachmat that Indonesia’s banking industry is remaining optimistic, despite current economic uncertainties. “The next 18 months are going to be tough for the country,” says Shariq Mukhtar. Citibank’s country officer for Indonesia is referring to the inescapable impact of the global economic crisis, which has affected almost all sectors including banking and finance. Citibank worldwide is currently taking three steps towards tackling the … [Read more...]

Climbing Higher

Optimistic about the future of Indonesia’s economy, Julius Ruslan is spreading his wings after taking the media company he leads to the next level. “Indonesia’s economy is continuing to grow. This country is in the process of transforming into becoming one of the world’s major economic players along with China, India and Brazil,” owner and Chief Vision Officer of Milestone Pacific Group, said expressing his confidence. Julius further says that Indonesia has thus far made great progress in t … [Read more...]

Bill Ayers: Building a Better Future through Outplacement

“Going through a depression stage is a common phenomenon upon a job termination. Such prolonged situation is vulnerable to damaging yourself, friends, family and associates. It’s a silent killer!” remarked William L. Ayers, Jr., the founder and vice president of The Ayers Group, a New York-based outplacement service firm. On the side of retrenched company, existing employees seeing their colleagues terminated will be likely to lose faith in the company. Bill, as friends and colleagues affec … [Read more...]

Rodrigo Yepes Enriquez: ‘RI-Ecuador Relations Vital to Economic Opportunity’

Traditionally a farming country, the Republic of Ecuador has been experiencing the economic growth after the discovery of oil in the 1960s. And despite being a small country, the fifth largest oil producer in South America has many faces to offer to visitors worldwide. Ecuador gained its independence from Spain on August 10, 1809. As the world witnesses the 200th anniversary of the South America’s tiny but oil-rich nation, Ecuador is looking forward to a bilateral cooperation with Indonesia in o … [Read more...]

STAR ENERGY: Building a breakthrough in geothermal energy

Blessed with abundant natural resources the Indonesian economy has enormous potential for long term growth and sustainability. Not only does the world’s fourth most populous country contain abundant commercial minerals and energy, like oil and gas, but Indonesia also has the world’s greatest geothermal potential, by a wide margin! Geothermal energy produces heat and power extracted naturally occurring high temperatures in the earth, and is being promoted across the globe because geothermal pla … [Read more...]

Premium Services Lucrative Market in Retail Banking

As the backbone of the financial system, the banking system has the potential to take the adverse effect of global recession. In spite of this, Indonesia has proven itself to be better prepared than when the country was hit hard by the 1997 monetary crisis. It’s 2009 and the growing number of well-to-do customers in the country witnesses how their presence has captured the attention of the retail banking market. To banks, mass affluent customers incontestably contribute much more p … [Read more...]

Working at the sharp end

Optimism for the future of Indonesia’s financial sector has motivated Rizal Satar to work for one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Aulia Rachmat reports. While breaking the fast at his state-of-the-art office in Jakarta during Ramadhan, PT PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) FAS president director Rizal Satar confided that he was reading a biography of US presidential candidate Barack Obama. He added that he would not be surprised to see him sitting in the White House Oval Office s … [Read more...]

When oil and music combine

For risk-taking businessman-cum-guitarist Hilmi Panigoro, nothing is impossible. He tells Aulia Rachmat about the risks he encountered while growing his oil and gas company. While welcoming The Peak to his comfortable office in Jakarta’s prime business district, PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk chairman and president commissioner Hilmi Panigoro explains, with an avuncular smile, that his company is due to move to larger premises quite soon. Construction of a brand-new office block close b … [Read more...]