Mobil Listrik Murah Tesla Model 3 Siap Diluncurkan

Oleh: Gandi Faisal Awal pekan ini (9/7), Elon Musk mengumumkan melalui akun Tweeter-nya peluncuran mobil listrik Tesla Model 3. Mobil yang digadang-gadang oleh produsennya sebagai low cost EV dan merupakan mobil listrik produksi massal Tesla ini sudah dinantikan kehadirannya oleh banyak peminat. Tesla Model 3 pertama di dunia menjadi milik chief executive Tesla Ic., Elon Musk. Elon Musk tidak membeli mobil pertama tersebut; dia mendapatkannya sebagai hadiah dari Ira Ehrenpreis, salah satu … [Read more...]

People seek space, comfort in new generation SUVs

As the trend goes, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are increasingly popular, with higher sales volumes than their swifter-looking counterparts. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, more popularly known as BMW, reported a surprising finding in its first-quarter profits, the demand for its SUVs played a significant part in boosting its sales by up to 2.6 percent, according to chief financial officer Friedrich Eichiner. Demand jumped by 15 percent for the X1, 11 percent for the X3 and 14 percent for the … [Read more...]

From China to the Streets of the World

With China now one of the world’s economy and industry powerhouses , it is only a matter of time before the world turns its attention to China’s automotive industry. Last year, China recorded a total purchase of 17.2 million cars, compared to 11.2 million cars purchased in the United States, making China the biggest car market in the world. Automotive industry in China has grown in leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, and Geely has established itself as one of China’s top ten carma … [Read more...]

A New Player in Indonesia with Market-Beating Products

One of China’s leading car manufacturers, Geely, entered the Indonesian market two years ago to take advantage of the significant growth of the automotive industry here. Geely Indonesia has established its presence under Geely Mobil Indonesia, the proprietary sole agent for Geely brand, currently offering Geely MK sedan 1,500-cc, Geely MK2 Hatchback 1,500-cc and Geely Panda 1,300-cc. Geely Panda has been the primadona with the highest sales volume among the three models.  “This budget car i … [Read more...]

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé: Within the Realm of the Most Exquisite Convertible

There are only a handful of choices come to your mind when thinking of luxury cars, and ultimately most people will easily recall the name of Rolls-Royce. Unquestionably the name is always associated with incognitos of luxury, elegance and snob. Among the innovative creations of a British automobile giant is the $1.8 million Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, a lavishly stunning grandeur four-wheel that took American Cup J-class yachts of the 1930s as the inspiration. It is so amazing to … [Read more...]

PIAGGIO: Beyond Scooter

With more than a century of striking success, Piaggio, the legend Italian brand and one of the world’s largest producers of scooters and motorcycles has launched its new exclusive three-wheeled vehicles, which link the past with the present. The Fuoco 500 and MP3 250 are indeed more than just a scooter. Both models have the adventurer look which is sporty and sexy. They are created in a fashionable style that marries cutting-edge technology. Both are vividly designed as powerful scooters that … [Read more...]

Porsche Panamera: Riding the Alter Ego

The heir has been chosen to take up the throne of the Leipzig Car Dynasty. It came from the root of 911 Carrera and it will continue the outstanding Cayenne, Boxter and the Cayman’s domination in their segment. Coming with the new look and attitude toward its predecessor, Porsche Panamera will set the new paradigm of sports car. Although mass production was set to take place in April 2009, soon after its debut in the Shanghai Motor Show, many of Porsche-fans could hardly wait to put the p … [Read more...]

Passion for the Lambo

Having launched the 2009 models of what would be the most exotic and prestigious sports car, Lamborghini Indonesia chief operating officer Endy Kusumo expresses his optimism that there is enough space for the Lambo market in the country. Born on July 11, 1970 in Medan, North Sumatra, Endy is often mistaken for his age owning to his youthful appearance. But don’t take the façade for granted because this energetic and easygoing man is indeed the architect behind the operation of PT Lamborghini I … [Read more...]

New Breath of Lamborghini

Being the successor of the Lamborghini model of all time, the new V10 evolution of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 has set a new standard in the sports car realm. Having the 5.2 litre raging V10 engine with an output of 560 PS (412 kW) at 8,000 rpm, the engine of the Gallardo LP560-4 is a completely new development. All that remains of the original V10 is the number of cylinders which, in this performance category, create a perfect and unique synthesis of torque, force of movement, sporty … [Read more...]

Aston Martin: The Best from the Brits

For those connoisseurs of James Bond, it is hard not to notice the fine-looking powerful sport car of Her Majesty secret agent of 007. The legend started when the author, Sir Ian Fleming, decided to give an Aston Martin DB III for his James Bond hero in the seventh novel Goldfinger, although it was Aston Martin DB 5 that Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger the movie. From then grew a long and very close association between the British spy hero and the marque that started with DB 5 of Sean Connery’s … [Read more...]