Romance on Canvas

Through the power of art, a variety of colors can mirror love and romance when the romantic feeling of an artist is expressed on a canvas with emotions and passion. Romance is best known as a feeling of excitement associated with love. In fact, almost everyone experiences the feeling at some point in their lives. While love and romance have become fundamental parts of life, art explore the insight of human feelings and experiences. In the realm of art, nevertheless, love and romance have … [Read more...]

Renaissance Revisited

Influenced from many aspects of life, from art and politics to science and religion, artists from renaissance era did not just throw their imaginary talent onto canvas but a convincing appearance of reality. The word “renaissance” is identical with the cultural movement spanned roughly from the14th to 17th century beginning in Florence in the late Middle Ages and later spread to the rest of Europe. It is derived from a French word, literally means revival or rebirth after the everlasting war a … [Read more...]

Going Global

With passionate talent and outstanding skills, Indonesian artists have produced masterpieces potential to bring the Indonesian art into a glorious period at the international level. Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been witnessing the escalating prices of Indonesian contemporary artworks, which are far higher than the initial estimate. Renowned artists such as I Nyoman Masriadi, Rudi Mantofani and Agus Suwage are among those whose masterpieces have fetched hundreds of tho … [Read more...]

Inge Rijanto: The Making of A Great Artist

If it wasn’t because of a call of the heart, Inge Rijanto wouldn’t have been a great artist. And through the means of the human body, the eminent Indonesian painter and sculptor Inge Rijanto expresses her emotions. Her former career as a fashion designer has borne a success of being a ‘know-how’ in drawing and designing clothing. However, as Inge then became aware, clothing is no more than the outer covering that summed up in a human body. And despite the fact that the savoir-faire of designi … [Read more...]

Teguh Ostenrik: IN LIVING COLOUR

Every colour has its own heart. Even the most disliked colour can turn to a beautiful masterpiece through the power of art, according to Teguh Ostenrik. With laid-back appearance, noted painter and sculpture Teguh shows a few of his abstract paintings in his studio. “Every colour has the beauty to contribute to the colourful world in which we all live.” His paintings reflect his keen on playing with colours. The paintings’ translucent layers of facial expressions create the sense of moving … [Read more...]

Indra Leonardi: CAPTURING A SOUL

Every individual has his or her uniqueness and soul wherein Indra Leonardi captures through his photography savvy. The veteran photographer believes art has been a great asset that should always exist in photography realm. “Photography is general, but style is personal,” Indra adds saying that a photographer should have his or her own style. “You can learn photography with all the techniques in camera, lightning and so on. But a photographer should possess a sense of art in order to produ … [Read more...]

Richard Winkler: A Destiny through Art

Expressing passion and experiences onto his art works, Richard Winkler has always been searching for the beauty and harmony where nature and humans meet. Keen on drawing and painting since childhood, the Swedish-born artist took his grandfather as his absolute idol. “I never forget the time I spent with my grandfather painting and drawing. He was the first one who gave me first lessons. A great painter, indeed, but my grandfather never had the opportunity to make his passion into a p … [Read more...]

Putu Sutawijaya: Picturing LIfe to A Canvas

The same object being seen can be completely different when perceiving with heart. And Putu Sutawijaya is able to deliver the alteration into beautiful art works. Born in 1971 in Angsari, Bali, Putu sees art as a journey that delivers various moments and manners. Later, the journey became his source of inspiration for his works. It’s simply a visualization of how he inspires his hobbies of modifying old cars. Just like in a social life, an old car has many parts that collaboratively work t … [Read more...]

Deborah Iskandar: Every Canvass Has Its Own Worth

Despite current global economic downturn, Deborah Iskandar attests that Indonesian art is now in the international art radar. With an enthusiastic gesture, the newly appointed head of Sotheby’s Indonesia asserts that some collectors do consider art as an alternative investment as the price of some masterpieces tend to rise as time goes. Also a consultant of Sotheby’s Hong Kong, the American Deborah who has lived in Jakarta for 18 years recalls the most recent Sotheby’s auction of Modern and Con … [Read more...]

Bringing Art to Light

It is at Mitra Hadiprana Art Center where students are able to explore their realm into healing, creativity and self expression. Aulia R. Sungkar takes a look. While holding a painting brush, the eleven-year-old Jonathan smiles, showing his drawing of arawanas. “This fresh water bony fish is swimming along the yellow bottom of sea. Do you see the black and light-red wavering thick lines? That’s the ocean.” By definition, colour is visual perception that enables someone to differentiate obje … [Read more...]