Foods of Love

Unearthing the aphrodisiacal gastronomy that stimulates the palate and enhances sexual passion. Throughout the history, foods classified as aphrodisiac are believed to have the remedy for various sexual anxieties, including the need to increase fertility or finding ways to recapture the adrenaline rush for better erotic performance. The word “aphrodisiac” originally comes from “Aphrodite”, the Greek goddess of beauty, fertility and sexual love. In the early time, the Greek physician Hippocr … [Read more...]

New Marché® Restaurant to Open at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Jakarta by Christmas 2010

Press Release Jakarta, November 10, 2010 - Marché Grand Indonesia is soon to give a new vibration to the heart of Jakarta. Serving authentic European dishes, this newly exquisite Marché® restaurant presents sumptuous interior designs adopting a genuine Swiss Ticino region, the most southern part of Swiss Kanton adjacent to Italy. Following the success of the opening of Marché® restaurant in Plaza Senayan, Marché Grand Indonesia will open its door with a total floor area of 1,200 m2 inclu … [Read more...]

The Exquisite L’Or

The ultimate expression of the oldest cognac house is the sumptuous craftsmanship from the quintessence of three-hundred-year quest. L’Or de Jean Martell (literally means “the gold of Jean Martell in French) is a blend of a plethora of eau-de-vie (waters of life) from Borderies, the smallest growing region in Cognac. The blend has notes of fruited candy, sweet spices and gingerbread. Some of the ingredients in the making process have aged over a century. These hidden treasures con … [Read more...]

Luna Negra

This Jakarta’s new international semi-fine dining resto takes its guests to a classy ambience that marries New York style bar with authentic Italian dining venue. Before the dining area, you will be walked through a cozy bar and lounge that lists a rich selection of quality wines and cocktails. The restaurant’s geometric tiles, round metal lamps and exposed brick walls make up the great culinary setting of Luna Negra, which has drawn various crowds of crème de la crème. Luna Negra’s menu in … [Read more...]


The floor-to-ceiling gigantic bookshelf displays thousands of old tomes in many different languages at Bibliothèque. Literally means “library” in French, Bibliothèque is a semi formal club and lounge designed as a two-story antique library that covers the whole back wall of the bar. With rustic candlesticks, the grandfather’s clocks, grand piano and cosy lighting, you will be taken to the old European accents with the touch of modern nuance, making Bibliothèque a unique entertainment spot in … [Read more...]

Edible Elegance

Jakarta’s latest fine-dining restaurants are serving up the world’s cuisine on a plate to those hungry for new experiences. The capital city of Indonesia offers many culinary adventures with distinct settings that separate the city’s crème de la crème from the rest of the crowd. From authentic French and Italian fare to traditional Middle Eastern meals and delectable Chinese and Japanese cuisine, the presence of new high-end restaurants on Jakarta’s busy restaurant scene has injected much exci … [Read more...]

Palatable Aussie

With the annual wine exports of around 770 million liters, the Australian wine industry contributes A$5.5 billion per year to Australia’s economy, making this pristine Kangaroo nation the world’s fourth largest wine exporting country. Highly regarded by wine drinkers worldwide, with strong growth in exports, Australian wines have rivaled some French viticulturists. According to Winebiz, Australia’s Wine Industry Portal by Winetitles, North America and the U.K. account for about two third of … [Read more...]

SHY Rooftop

The tented cum al-fresco establishment in a sumptuous rooftop is a picture of avant-garde sanctuary that has become the nirvana of night life. The rooftop bar nestled on the top floor of The Papilion, a sleek glass-sheathed building on Jl. Kemang Raya, is among Kemang’s premium nightspots to enjoy drinks and a live band, with a panoramic view from its terrace. On a recent Friday evening, Arin & The Driver belted out rock and roll and popular songs ranging from The Police and Queen, … [Read more...]

Sizzling Your Passion

Aulia Rachmat discovers that the simple glorious red meat can make up a great dining at the Jakarta’s top steak houses. One of the finest destinations in culinary journey is to visit a steak house. But finding the best steakhouse is impracticable. Each of the greats offers different unique recipe. Menus such as the classic Western cowboy certified Angus Rib Eye of beef, Japanese’s buttery-rich Kobe beef, the best grade of Australian Wagyu beef, Argentinian prime cuts and even surf and turf … [Read more...]

Going Beyond the Plate

To city's best restaurants outdo each other in presenting their best dishes by doing up entire rooms and attracting the right crowd, as Aulia Rachmat finds out. At Oasis, the doorman escorts guests through a lamp-lit entrance hall to their table. Ladies are offered a corsage, and a large gong is struck to announce the party's arrival. Sundanese music floats through the air, highlighting an experience that begins as one steps into a grand mansion that has housed the restaurant since 196 … [Read more...]