‘It’s a Total English Environment’

With globalization, the world is not only becoming more interconnected but the role of English as an international language has become increasingly important to adults.  This has led to the appearance of English learning centers not only in major cities but also in towns all over the country, each promoting its own methods for teaching the language. Regardless of the approach, the speed with which the language can be learned varies from one person to another. Most importantly, people learning … [Read more...]

Never be a stranger with HSBC Premier

Imagine a situation where you are stranded in a city abroad and you lost all your proper documents and belongings. You have no families or relatives nearby and it leaves you no choice but going to a bank. Without a proper document, such situation will knock you even downer since the bank will treat you as a stranger. With HSBC Premier, you will never be a stranger wherever you go in the world. What you need to do is just walking into any of HSBC’s seven thousand or so branches anywhere in the … [Read more...]

Fresh milk healthier, more natural

Milk helps children grow. Particularly for children at an early age, milk can help their muscles, bones and brain grow substantially since it contains necessary calcium, vitamins and proteins needed.  In meeting the world toughest standards, Greenfields milk delivers its naturally fresh milk from their own dairy farm. The milk is transported directly from milking parlor to storage tank through pipes, untouched by human hands. Greenfields has been set up by Australian farmers who cooperated … [Read more...]

Distinguished Buzz at Dragonfly

Themed “The Final Thursday Industrie-Red Carpet Affair,” Dragonfly threw a spectacular bash on Thursday night presented DJ Jayo and DJ Rama as well as fashion modeled by Jakarta socialites. The idea of inviting a number of socialites to model at the party’s fashion show is a reflection of Dragonfly as a nest for sociable people who appreciate the good life, according to Amanda Putri, the club’s marketing and promotion manager. Pointing at the crowd, she exclaimed, “It’s another one of a ki … [Read more...]

Bringing in Hyperrealist Performance of Samsung LED

After the success of high-definition LCD TV, the South Korea’s electronics giant is now introducing Samsung LED TV, another breakthrough in television industry. Carrying out a breathtaking performance in home entertainment, Samsung LED TV maximizes energy through Light Emitting Diode in order to give affordable lightning to its Ultra Clear Panel. The LED technology injected by Samsung ensures energy optimization, which is potential to reduce the TV’s used energy by 40 percent compared with … [Read more...]

Wine for Asia 2011: Lucrative & Palatable

World’s wine industry is counting Asia with the phenomenal increase in wine consumption that has built lucrative markets in the region. With the world supply of premium wine outstripping demand, and the custom of wine drinking is rapidly gaining ground in Asian countries, many wine exporters are eyeing to establish new markets in Asia. In Indonesia, the trend has the tendency to increase with more and more people discovering the pleasure of drinking wine. To give the world a better u … [Read more...]

Fostering a Global Dimension in Int’l Education

Opening in 1971 as the American Consulate School with only 14 students, Surabaya International School (SIS) has made a name for itself as the leading international educational provider in Surabaya and the East Java region. Open to all nationalities, the school is now home to more than 300 pre-school through grade 12 students from 26 nations. The school’s success lies in its quality education which combines a challenging curricula, highly qualified teachers and first-class f … [Read more...]

Enjoying Banking Excellence

Through a variety of wealth management products and services, UOB Buana takes customers to maximize and enjoy service relationship while growing their wealth. In UOB Buana, each customer is seen as a unique individual with different financial needs and goals. For that reason, the bank has appointed dedicated Relationship Managers for its customers. “This way we can thoroughly explore each of the customer’s goals and aspirations, thus enabling us to recommend the types of products that bes … [Read more...]

Golf House: The Ultimate Style in Golfing

Golf is more than just a sport. It has long become a lifestyle even though the culture of golf is as appealing as the sport itself. From the style, the fun and the pace, golf is surely worth a great attraction. Whether it is at a driving range for intensive swing work or at a golf course to complete full 18 holes, golf is also considered the most popular means of socializing and networking. So, it is important that you be fully aware of the etiquette and regulations, including the right … [Read more...]

Breaking Intergenerational Poverty through Better Quality Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in nurturing today’s generation into becoming better individuals in the future. In commemorating the National Teachers Day on the 25th of November, this could be the best time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to Indonesian education. Nevertheless, Indonesia is still experiencing an acute shortfall in quality teachers. In many cases, especially in rural and remote areas, teachers still lack the necessities of knowledge and skills n … [Read more...]