Batu, Malang — A picture-perfect playground

Words: Muna Sungkar

Photos: Various sources

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TBatu-Malang-Kaliwatu-Rafting-courtesy-of-Wista-Malanghe hilly town of Batu near Malang, East Java now offers so much to see as a weekend gateway for both locals and tourists from across Indonesia and overseas.

It only took a two-and-a-half-hour-drive from Surabaya yet I have found a totally different atmosphere. All of those art-deco style buildings and fresh air that touches my skin as a arrived in Malang assure me that I’ve come to the right place.

Batu-Secret-Zoo-courtesy-of-panoramio.com_I feast my eyes on the beauty of the mountains, hills, rivers, plantations and gorgeous flowers along the way to my main destination — a small yet lovely town up in the hill of Malang named Batu.

Batu is the perfect combination of natural beauty and the clean mountain air that reminded the Dutch of Switzerland and so they dubbed the place “De Kleine Switzerland” (Little Switzerland). Years passed by and Batu has not lost its charm and still well spent with fun activities in the present-day town. Whether you are an adrenaline junkies or a nature lover, you will find amusement in every step of the way.

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