News of the World 40th Anniversary Release

By Gandi Faisal Not many bands can boast to have such a big influence on the modern music. Take, for examples, the Rolling Stones or Queen. Theirs are some of the most well-known tunes in the world, still getting healthy airplay the world over. And Queen is the king (pun intended) when it comes to providing us with the some of the most remarkable basslines as in their songs “Under Pressure” and “Another One Bites the Dust”; one of the world’s most recognized intro to a song of any genre … [Read more...]

Kurashiki – Japan’s laid back town

Words & photos: Ollie Sungkar A small town where you see Japan through the lens of history, nature and culture. On our recent Japan road trip, we had a chance to visit Kurashiki, a historic city in western Okayama Prefecture that breathes a laid-back atmosphere. You can easily reach there by taking Shinkansen (a bullet train) – 3 hours from Tokyo, 45 minutes from Osaka. But we came from the other side of country where we enjoyed the beautiful panorama along the 150-kilometer b … [Read more...]

Rotterdam – Architectural Medley in Europe’s Largest Port

Text: Joshua Paundra People rarely put Rotterdam on the top of their agenda as a place to visit on their journey in the Netherlands. Situated by the river Maas, the third largest city in the Netherlands is also known as the largest port city in Europe. Yet, the city is not always about business. Spend a day or two in Rotterdam and you’ll find out what the city has various things to offer. If you miss city life, the city center offers tempting shops that will bring out the shopaholic s … [Read more...]

Inne Noor Jalankan Bisnis Furnitur Berbekal Ilmu Konsultan

By: Eddy Dwinanto Iskandar Artikel ini diambil dari Pengalaman sebagai konsultan ternyata bisa menjadi bekal penting untuk terjun sebagai pengusaha. Ini dialami Inne Noor, seorang konsultan keuangan dan bisnis yang beralih menjadi pengusaha furnitur 13 tahun silam. Bekal keahlian analisis bisnis, proyeksi keuangan, sampai manajemen operasional diaplikasikan ketika Inne dan rekannya mengakuisisi perusahaan furnitur PT Rapi Cipta Indah pada 2004. Sejak itu, perusahaan furnitur … [Read more...]

Tokio Marine Ajak Anak-anak Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia Bergembira di TeamLab

By: Eddy Dwinanto Iskandar Artikel ini diambil dari Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia sebagai brand yang senantiasa menginspirasi orang untuk melakukan hal yang bermanfaat dalam hidup mengadakan Program CSR dengan mengajak 50 anak-anak dengan kanker dari Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (YKAI). Puluhan anak dengan kanker diajak  berkreasi dan bergembira di wahana edukasi kreatif berteknologi tinggi, TeamLab Future Park di Plaza Indonesia. Chief Marketing Officer Tokio … [Read more...]

Paulus Sutisna: Man on the Move

Paulus Sutisna, president director of Bank DBS Indonesia, steps into his office in a sleek suit and an avuncular smile, as he greets Registry Indonesia team during a photo shoot. The office has a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the dynamic of leaders and employees interaction. As a banker and business leader, Paulus recalls what it takes to climb him to the top position in his career. Started as a Citibank management trainee back in 1989, he then assumed the role of deputy credit … [Read more...]

Indofood supports national food security with research funding

By Prasiddha Gustanto. Originally published in The Jakarta Post, Sept. 23, 2017 As a country with centuries-old local food wisdom, Indonesia has enormous potential for creativity and innovation in its food production. Yet much of this potential is either undiscovered or understudied. This can be disastrous for the nation’s food security. Knowing how to make the best of Indonesia’s rich diversity of local food crops is essential for ensuring that the people at all times have, as per the Foo … [Read more...]

Tommy Singgih: Leading with Vision

Along with the rapid growth of technology, people demand more convenient way of how they conduct transactions. “And the world is in the making of cashless societies, everywhere including Indonesia,” says Tommy Singgih, director of Mastercard Indonesia. Over an afternoon chat in his office in South Jakarta’s elite area, Tommy says that what sets the increasing trend of digital payments is their convenience especially when compared to traditional payment method. “You just need to tap your car … [Read more...]

Challenges Like No Other at Tanjung Lesung Cross-road Triathlon

Text: Gandi Faisal Tanjung Lesung in Banten Province, was the location for what is claimed to be the first xterra triathlon in the country, named Rhino X-Triathlon. The event was part of the three-day event named Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung 2017, with other events included Pandeglang 10K held on Friday, September 22; the Mountain-bike Cross-country marathon (MTB XCM) and Sunset Trail Run (STR) cross-country run, held on the following day. There were also Pasar Kolecer folk festival … [Read more...]

Montblanc for UNICEF Collection: Passing on the Gift of Writing

Montblanc and UNICEF are marking their 13 successful years of collaboration that have raised over US$10 million to benefit education programmes around the world. “With a further US$1.5 million pledged this year through the launch of new product range, we are continuing our initiative to help unfortunate children be literate,” Matthieu Dupont, President South East Asia Montblanc, tells Registry Indonesia during his short visit to Jakarta. “This year’s initiative is titled ‘Passing on the Gift o … [Read more...]