RI and S'pore celebrate golden years of diplomatic relationship in a contemporary arts exhibition. This particular month, Jakarta is being the seat of an arts exhibition showcasing the creations of contemporary artists from Singapore and Indonesia. The exhibition is a one-month event held from 12 September until 12 October 2017 at the Lobby Gallery of World Trade Center (WTC) 2. The exhibition is jointly organized by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and PT Jakarta Land and ISA Art Advisory, and … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Creating a Killer Company Profile

By ALVEO For all intent and purposes, a company profile acts as a window through which prospective clients window shop and see what you have to offer. Hence, it needs to be effervescent and interesting so that it can win you more business. There are, then, some steps that can help you build a good company profile. Plan Your Content Never hesitate to list everything you want to include, or, you believe, needs to be included in the company profile. Some of us, from the get-go, already de … [Read more...]

Lie Liliana Veronica: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Text & Images: Aulia R. Sungkar With over three decades of Information Technology under her belt, Lie Liliana Veronica is blessed with strong leadership in a male-dominated sector. In one late afternoon, Lie Liliana Veronica appears energetic and upbeat as she walks us through the busy space of PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna (Bank Sampoerna). “You want to do the interview first or photo shoot? I’m easy,” she says with an avuncular smile. We decided to do the interview first. Even during … [Read more...]

Paris of the Orient

Text & Images: Chris Andre Shanghai, the most sophisticated metropolis in China, strikes as a surprisingly affordable and beautifully urban holiday destination. For those who’ve never stepped a foot in mainland China, a trip to this part of the world could be a little bit daunting. The absence of Google (the browser, map and Gmail) and the experience of lost in translation are just two among many challenges you’d encounter right from very start. Thankfully, what Shanghai lacks in in … [Read more...]

Buton Revisited

Text : Gandi Faisal In late June, I got a chance to revisit Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi. It was a trip long in coming if for no other reason than Buton being my late mother’s hometown, and that I finally got the chance to take my family there. It was also a trip I found I sorely needed to recharge and to get reacquainted with my parent’s past, or what’s left of it. Buton is more than a paragraph or two in students’ book describing the island as the place where all of that high-qu … [Read more...]

When Design and Content Collide

By ALVEO  Designing an ideal website has always been a rigorous process, one that often leads to a heated debate. A website’s function is to incite the curiosity of the mass whose fingers ever ready on the mouse button to exit the site after mere seconds. Yet, there is this ever threatening ‘blink test’—those three to five seconds that you have to convince someone to stay on your website—that many see as what makes or breaks a website. This then leads to a debate between what should be priori … [Read more...]

Paris Van Java

By Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in Indonesia Design. In the historic city that retains a colonial and old world charm is a memorable resort lifestyle destination that brings back the glory days of Paris of Java. Only a few minutes away from Pasteur tollgate will take you to astrategic spot of Bandung’s hip and happening.For some people, Paris Van Java (PVJ) is a perfect place to shop ‘til you drop, whilst others love to immerse in its café culture. Or, simply spend quality ti … [Read more...]

Click Square – A Digital Hub

By Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in Indonesia Design  Originally operated as a shopping mall, this ten-storey building has now been transformed into a technology hub that plays host to communities and players in the creative industry. Soft launched in March 2017 with a grand opening held in May, Click Square has its own story to tell. The property was previously known as BeMall, strategically situated along Jalan Naripan, one of the busiest streets in Bandung. After … [Read more...]

Singapore Tourism Board launches ‘Passion Made Possible’

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has recently unveiled "Passion Made Possible", a new brand of Singapore designed to market the country internationally for both tourism and business purposes. The brand was launched by STB in Singapore on August 24, 2017. Indonesia being the top source market is among the first across 15 markets in the global roll out of the new brand over the next 3 months. The new brand captures the spirit and attitude of Singapore, and tells a fuller Singapore story beyond … [Read more...]

Writers vs Journalists – Two Different Breeds

By ALVEO Writing is this mesmeric process, which once you sink your teeth into, will grab hold of you fast, not wanting to let go until you are spent. It’s also an anathema many shy away from: How many high school or college students joyfully get immersed in the process of writing their paper, and not constantly glancing at the bottom of their screen to see if they’ve clocked in enough words to meet the requirement set by their teacher or lecturer? Highly probably not many. Nevertheless, the w … [Read more...]