Silver-screen success

With no previous experience and background in entertainment industry, David Hilman has successfully led his Cineplex business to capture the market rapidly within two years of operation. He shares with Aulia Rachmat the recipe for success. Having a chat with the Chief Executive Officer of Blitz Megaplex in a southern Jakarta’s fine-dining eatery put a relaxing evening in a jovial mood. Rather laid-back in style, David is indeed an ambitious entrepreneur when it comes to innovating new i … [Read more...]

Dom Pérignon: Uncork the Sparkle

It was in the late 1600s that an old monk invented an effervescent table wine that is still bubbling until now. A label suggesting exclusiveness, the legendary Dom Pérignon is arguably the most iconic brand of champagne with worldwide recognition. Its 17th century designs of antique-looking label and distinctive bottle shape have for long time been a symbol of elegance for those appreciating the art of living. It stretches back to the mid 1668 in the tranquil Hautvillers Abbey in the Champagne … [Read more...]

Seeing bigger picture through CSR programs

Being a good corporate citizen means a company is committed to address not only the needs and expectations of its employees and shareholders, but also those of the society. Staying true to this understanding, PT HM Sampoerna’ corporate social responsibility programs are built on the company’s own “Three Hands Philosophy,” which balances the expectations of its consumers & business partners, employees as well as the society at large. In light with the philosophy, PT HM Sampoerna is seeking … [Read more...]

Faysal Gouia: ‘Globalization should be seen as opportunity’

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the north African country of Tunisia with its age-old blend of Eastern and Western civilization has succeeded in achieving not only a diversified modern refinement but also a paradigm of economic development. The country's success in trade stems back to ancient times, when it was the breadbasket for much of the Roman empire. By the same token, Tunisia has been boosting its international trade since gaining independence from France in 1956. In fact, … [Read more...]

Patrick Perez: ‘Arts and traditional culture should be cultivated’

Traditional culture is an intermingle of skills, arts, beliefs and customs of a group of people, which has been passing on from one generation to another. It has set attitudes, behavior and value that characterize one group of company, ethnic, region and nation. Indonesia’s ethnic diversity has given birth to many traditional cultures, and its people should utilize such diversity to discover the essentially rich national culture.Patrick Perez, director of Centre Culturel de Francaise, shared his … [Read more...]

Silver Bird Vellfire: The New Meaning of Transportation

Enjoying movie while relaxing on executive power seat in a spacious cabin might sound rather hyperbolic for a cab. But the newest premium fleet from the city’s leading taxi company has, since last month, hit the road catering such luxurious service to customers seeking more than just a means of transportation. Launched on November 1 this year, Silver Bird Vellfire is designed to accommodate business people and family who are in need of more spacious room with top-notch facilities. Noni S … [Read more...]

Role of phonics in teaching children to read

In the area of English language programs for children, phonics is becoming established as a basic concept to teach kids to read. A number of schools using international curriculum have adopted phonics as the fundamental approach to teaching children to read. Nevertheless, how effective is phonics as a method to teach children to read?Phonics is a method of teaching beginners to read and pronounce words properly by learning the phonetic value of letters, letter groups and syllables. Phonics … [Read more...]

Can Your Child Read in English?

Many parents think that their children have possessed the adequate reading skills after spending a number of years attending international curriculum schools, particularly those that started in elementary school. How are the reading skills of their children? Despite the fact that there are international and national plus schools here using English as the language instruction, many students continue to struggle in terms of reading comprehension. Reading is not an automatic skill. It is … [Read more...]