Haute Couture with A Flair All Their Own

As the term globalization means living in the borderless era, the world of fashion gives the opportunity for eminent fashion brands to expand their product ranges. It has been more than three decades that the name Giorgio Armani has become one of the prestigious icons in a global fashion. Trendsetter in the ongoing revolution in male’s clothing, Armani has put itself forefront in its concept of making elegant sporty dress for not only men, but also women. The brand’s contemporary aes … [Read more...]

Rodrigo Yepes Enriquez: ‘RI-Ecuador Relations Vital to Economic Opportunity’

Traditionally a farming country, the Republic of Ecuador has been experiencing the economic growth after the discovery of oil in the 1960s. And despite being a small country, the fifth largest oil producer in South America has many faces to offer to visitors worldwide. Ecuador gained its independence from Spain on August 10, 1809. As the world witnesses the 200th anniversary of the South America’s tiny but oil-rich nation, Ecuador is looking forward to a bilateral cooperation with Indonesia in o … [Read more...]

JAKARTA MONTESSORI SCHOOL: ‘We Nurture Children A Love of Learning’

In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international schooling have become the fundamental in raising the children. As a consequence thereof, there are now many international schools using English as the language of instruction, ranging from early childhood to primary level, offering a variety of curricula. In spite of the different approach each of these schools has to offer, Jakarta Montessori School (JMS) has since its establishment in 1986 come up with a unique system … [Read more...]


With education being an essential tool to discover a child learning potential, coupled with the aim of preparing the child for globalization era; demand for international education is on the rise. It goes without saying that students at an international curriculum school are molded to have a healthy international outlook. In addition to taking on their academic pathway, they are naturally exposed to different cultures that promote open-mindedness and tolerance. In line with the melting pot … [Read more...]

‘More Air Asia routes for more travelers’

The Indonesian subsidiary of Malaysia’s budget carrier, Air Asia is optimistic that its new international and domestic routes will help to reach its target of carrying 3.5 million passengers this year. After the success of opening four international routes linking Singapore to Bali, Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta, which have been in operation since April this year, the world’s best low-cost airline is now taking further step. Set to launch today, the airline’s new routes that link Bali … [Read more...]

STAR ENERGY: Building a breakthrough in geothermal energy

Blessed with abundant natural resources the Indonesian economy has enormous potential for long term growth and sustainability. Not only does the world’s fourth most populous country contain abundant commercial minerals and energy, like oil and gas, but Indonesia also has the world’s greatest geothermal potential, by a wide margin! Geothermal energy produces heat and power extracted naturally occurring high temperatures in the earth, and is being promoted across the globe because geothermal pla … [Read more...]

Building the bedrock of international value

The growing number of international curriculum schools is allowing parents to choose an alternative kind of education, which has the potential to inculcate in their children international values that encourage the children to be innovative, creative and independent. With education being an essential tool to discover a child's learning potential, coupled with the aim of preparing the child for the globalization era, demand for international education is on the rise. It goes without saying … [Read more...]

Pursuing an education in Singapore

Singapore, known as a shopping hub and tourist destination, has long seen the emergence of world-class universities, providing alternative quality education for Indonesians pursuing study overseas. Besides using English as its first language, with increasing globalization, Singapore has become more of a melting pot. Ethnic Chinese, who make up the majority of the population, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live together harmoniously. Not to mention a large number of expatriates from all over … [Read more...]

Seeking Out International Values at A Young Age

As early years education is a crucial stage to determine the child’s future success intellectually and emotionally, demand for preschool and kindergarten are on the rise. As a result, a variety of preschools offering a range of curricula and approaches have appeared, leaving many parents more choices to select which learning method is best suited to their children. In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international education have become the fundamental in raising the c … [Read more...]

Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis: ‘Our Students Think outside the Box’

In today’s era of globalization, entrepreneurship seems to be prevalent and has the capacity that is likely to surpass many routine occupations. A number of business schools in the archipelago, as a consequence, have been growing rapidly. Nevertheless, how effective is these schools in terms of producing good entrepreneur? Thoby Mutis, the University Trisakti’s rector said that a business school will not make its students an accountant or manager. Nor does it guarantee the students to be a suc … [Read more...]