Surabaya Society

Follow the young set in this Indonesian city to a string of popular hotspots around town.   Home to a bevy of brand new nightclubs, cool coffee shops and Western-style bars, Surabaya is no longer just a town for heavy industry types and shipping officials. This coastal capital of East Java now offers good local and international coffee shops, where trendy cosmopolites sip on lattes, while well-known DJs mark the spot around the city’s up-and-comingclubbing scene. In line with the r … [Read more...]

Vertical-lifestyle enthusiast

With more than a decade of property development under his belt, Veri Y. Setiady enthuses to Aulia Rachmat about the form that cities will take in the future. “It’s time for city-dwellers to ‘get into’ a vertical lifestyle,” Veri Y. Setiady said while peering down at traffic congestion from his office on the 25th floor of an office block in a prime area of South Jakarta. His view is a reflection of the reality that the fast-growing population in big cities has been a major factor in the pric … [Read more...]

My Bandung-Eddy Sugiri

Eddy Sugiri is the owner of The Peak Resort Dining, a modern country style eatery. Situated on the hilltop, the restaurant offers a twinkling panorama of Bandung city. He also owns The Peak Connoisseurs, a high-end wine shop which currently has five stores in the city. WHY DO YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN BANDUNG? This is where I was born and I would never consider moving out of Bandung due to the city’s quality of life. Bandung’s friendly atmosphere and nice weather, to me, can be interpreted as t … [Read more...]

Looking on the bright side

Citibank country officer Shariq Mukhtar tells Aulia Rachmat that Indonesia’s banking industry is remaining optimistic, despite current economic uncertainties. “The next 18 months are going to be tough for the country,” says Shariq Mukhtar. Citibank’s country officer for Indonesia is referring to the inescapable impact of the global economic crisis, which has affected almost all sectors including banking and finance. Citibank worldwide is currently taking three steps towards tackling the … [Read more...]

Leaving the comfort zone

Passing up an opportunity to take over the running of her family’s batik company, Denise Tjokrosaputro decided to strike out on her own. Aulia Rachmat discovered why. “Life is now so much more exciting in the capital!” exclaims batik heiress Denise Tjokrosaputro joyously, observing that more and more people have been opening a variety of restaurants, entertainment and media after returning from their studies overseas in the US, Britain, Australia and Singapore. During her years of study … [Read more...]

Selling lifestyle via furniture

Almost oblivious to the current economic downturn, Da Vinci CEO Dr Doris Phua is expanding her furniture giant with the addition of more high-quality brands. She spoke with Aulia Rachmat during a recent trip to Jakarta. Dressed in an elegant cocktail dress with subtle sparkle, Doris Phua presents a truly individualistic style. In the old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” beauty for her, is where elegance meets style. Impressed by classic European furniture, she has managed to exp … [Read more...]

Thrill of the chase

Aston International’s Charles E. Brookfield is no shrinking violet. He tells Aulia Rachmat how he’s remaining optimistic despite the economic downturn. Arriving in Indonesia just before the economic crisis in 1997, Charles E. Brookfield decided he wanted to stay, while most foreign investors, particularly those in the hospitality business, left. Starting with a five-star hotel in both Jakarta and Bali, Aston International Indonesia now operates 15 hotels, serviced apartments, “condotels” (which … [Read more...]

My Jakarta-Biyan Wanaatmadja

Biyan Wanaatmadja is a renowned Indonesian designer whose chic, elegant clothes have graced the shoulders of high-profile socialites in the region. Biyan Living includes home interior items, accessories and imported rare perfumes. WHY DO YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN JAKARTA? Three words describe the city: energy, diversity, opportunity. The vibrant metropolis has made the city an increasingly “happening” place. I favour Jakarta above other cities nationwide for the opportunities it provides to gro … [Read more...]

Climbing Higher

Optimistic about the future of Indonesia’s economy, Julius Ruslan is spreading his wings after taking the media company he leads to the next level. “Indonesia’s economy is continuing to grow. This country is in the process of transforming into becoming one of the world’s major economic players along with China, India and Brazil,” owner and Chief Vision Officer of Milestone Pacific Group, said expressing his confidence. Julius further says that Indonesia has thus far made great progress in t … [Read more...]

Bill Ayers: Building a Better Future through Outplacement

“Going through a depression stage is a common phenomenon upon a job termination. Such prolonged situation is vulnerable to damaging yourself, friends, family and associates. It’s a silent killer!” remarked William L. Ayers, Jr., the founder and vice president of The Ayers Group, a New York-based outplacement service firm. On the side of retrenched company, existing employees seeing their colleagues terminated will be likely to lose faith in the company. Bill, as friends and colleagues affec … [Read more...]