Into the Kid’s Living Space

A children's room is more than just a bedroom. It is a place where they grow and the room’s style and interior therefore should be in accordance with the children’s needs. Sania Punjabi shows how she and her husband, Manoj Punjabi, design the rooms of their three children; Sairaa, 7, Nayla, 4, and one-year-old Rehaan. Situated just next to the children’s rooms, there is a study and play area where an array of books and toys are neatly displayed. In addition to desks where Sairaa and Nayla use … [Read more...]

Seto Mulyadi: The Bright Side of Homeschooling

In modern countries homeschooling has become an option for parents to provide education for their children. In Indonesia, homeschooling is still a controversial issue yet this new trend of schooling has potential to be an educational breakthrough for parents seeking both flexibility and curricula-based outcomes. Homeschooling is basically a learning process that can be conducted everywhere, particularly at home, with their family or children in the communities. Parents can creatively build a … [Read more...]

Tony Earnshaw: Dealing with Reading Difficulties

Dyslexia means difficulties in reading and spelling. Originating from the Greek language, the word itself is comprised of dys, meaning difficulties, and lexis which are words. Having dyslexia, to many people, is often associated with the loss of the ability to read due to brain damage. It is, however, a reading distortion where the ability to read is impeded despite the child's normal intelligence. Tony Earnshaw, an Australian educational psychologist and also the author of Dealing with … [Read more...]

Bringing Art to Light

It is at Mitra Hadiprana Art Center where students are able to explore their realm into healing, creativity and self expression. Aulia R. Sungkar takes a look. While holding a painting brush, the eleven-year-old Jonathan smiles, showing his drawing of arawanas. “This fresh water bony fish is swimming along the yellow bottom of sea. Do you see the black and light-red wavering thick lines? That’s the ocean.” By definition, colour is visual perception that enables someone to differentiate obje … [Read more...]

Fortune favours the bold

Blessed with the right leadership savvy, mobile telecommunications veteran Hasnul Suhaimi tells Aulia Rachmat he’s confident of taking the company he leads to the next level. With a youthful appearance, people often assume he’s a lot younger than his 51 years. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though, for soft-spoken, easygoing Hasnul Suhaimi is the mastermind behind an aggressive business strategy currently being rolled out by PT Exelcomindo Pratama (XL), the third-largest cellular phone opera … [Read more...]

Working at the sharp end

Optimism for the future of Indonesia’s financial sector has motivated Rizal Satar to work for one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Aulia Rachmat reports. While breaking the fast at his state-of-the-art office in Jakarta during Ramadhan, PT PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) FAS president director Rizal Satar confided that he was reading a biography of US presidential candidate Barack Obama. He added that he would not be surprised to see him sitting in the White House Oval Office s … [Read more...]

When oil and music combine

For risk-taking businessman-cum-guitarist Hilmi Panigoro, nothing is impossible. He tells Aulia Rachmat about the risks he encountered while growing his oil and gas company. While welcoming The Peak to his comfortable office in Jakarta’s prime business district, PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk chairman and president commissioner Hilmi Panigoro explains, with an avuncular smile, that his company is due to move to larger premises quite soon. Construction of a brand-new office block close b … [Read more...]

Silver-screen success

With no previous experience and background in entertainment industry, David Hilman has successfully led his Cineplex business to capture the market rapidly within two years of operation. He shares with Aulia Rachmat the recipe for success. Having a chat with the Chief Executive Officer of Blitz Megaplex in a southern Jakarta’s fine-dining eatery put a relaxing evening in a jovial mood. Rather laid-back in style, David is indeed an ambitious entrepreneur when it comes to innovating new i … [Read more...]

Dom Pérignon: Uncork the Sparkle

It was in the late 1600s that an old monk invented an effervescent table wine that is still bubbling until now. A label suggesting exclusiveness, the legendary Dom Pérignon is arguably the most iconic brand of champagne with worldwide recognition. Its 17th century designs of antique-looking label and distinctive bottle shape have for long time been a symbol of elegance for those appreciating the art of living. It stretches back to the mid 1668 in the tranquil Hautvillers Abbey in the Champagne … [Read more...]

Seeing bigger picture through CSR programs

Being a good corporate citizen means a company is committed to address not only the needs and expectations of its employees and shareholders, but also those of the society. Staying true to this understanding, PT HM Sampoerna’ corporate social responsibility programs are built on the company’s own “Three Hands Philosophy,” which balances the expectations of its consumers & business partners, employees as well as the society at large. In light with the philosophy, PT HM Sampoerna is seeking … [Read more...]