Warwick Purser: Bringing Fame

It is not easy for Indonesian products to resist the prestige of foreign brands in terms of luxury purchases. But not when it comes to handcrafted goods, according to Warwick Purser. “The world has been giving Indonesian artists much more deserved credit for their shining works than hitherto,” Warwick says, pointing one of his acclaimed collections of Putu Sutawijaya’s paintings. Into Indonesian contemporary art, Warwick has quite a few of Putu’s masterpieces in his art collections. Unlike … [Read more...]

Putu Sutawijaya: Picturing LIfe to A Canvas

The same object being seen can be completely different when perceiving with heart. And Putu Sutawijaya is able to deliver the alteration into beautiful art works. Born in 1971 in Angsari, Bali, Putu sees art as a journey that delivers various moments and manners. Later, the journey became his source of inspiration for his works. It’s simply a visualization of how he inspires his hobbies of modifying old cars. Just like in a social life, an old car has many parts that collaboratively work t … [Read more...]

Rusly Tjohnardi: Glitz n Glam

Through his signature draping and high-octane tailoring, young designer Rusly Tjohnardi has made great strides in the global fashion realm. Pointing at his latest collection being staged on the catwalk during a rehearsal of his recent premier solo show, Rusly asserts that fashion is a virtual world where everything within possesses the characters of beautiful, posh, luxurious, to name a few. “And our colourful world reflects the glamorous fashion realm.” Inherited the talent of art from his … [Read more...]

Hotel Kempinski Indonesia: A Revival Legacy

A historical landmark emerged when the Indonesia’s first president Sukarno inaugurated the Southeast Asia’s first five-star hotel on August 5, 1962. Now, forty seven years later, the history still remains. The birth of Hotel Indonesia had paved the way for showcasing the world the face of modern Indonesia, particularly the metropolitan city of Jakarta. Designed in the form of the T letter to allow guests to view the panorama of the capital city, Hotel Indonesia had hitherto hosted acc … [Read more...]

Immigrant: E Pluribus Unum

Living in the colourful world is a destination where we can learn and experience something differently from our local custom. Standing out from the crowd, Immigrant as a top-notch newish entertainment spot cuts across cultures and cliques. Sipping a sweet and sour green apple martini called Green Card on the balcony in the evening, or watching the sunset out from the city while the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Landmark starts getting overflowed with vehicles. A contradictive scenery is gradually … [Read more...]

Sip Wine Bar: The Delicacy of Wine Lovers

At Bali’s trendsetter of wine bar, every sip you take allows you to discover the secret of the world’s fine wine. A lot of versions talking the founder of wine, but none knows the correct one. Vitis Vinifera is known as the vine that can be processed for the wine. Historically, Persians, Egyptians and Greeks have already consumed wine since the first epoch of the age. Gradually, as the time witnessed the development of human culture, wine drinking habit spread to Spanish, Italy, Germany and ot … [Read more...]

Porsche Panamera: Riding the Alter Ego

The heir has been chosen to take up the throne of the Leipzig Car Dynasty. It came from the root of 911 Carrera and it will continue the outstanding Cayenne, Boxter and the Cayman’s domination in their segment. Coming with the new look and attitude toward its predecessor, Porsche Panamera will set the new paradigm of sports car. Although mass production was set to take place in April 2009, soon after its debut in the Shanghai Motor Show, many of Porsche-fans could hardly wait to put the p … [Read more...]

Positively Charged

Positioned right in the heart of Chinatown, everything is within your reach at The Sparks Hotel Jakarta. Here are four things to do nearby 
 GET SHOPPING The six shopping centres in the Mangga Dua areas are great for fashion and electronic buys. Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, ITC Mangga Dua I and II are fashionista heaven, while gadget bargains galore can be found at Dusit and Harco Mas. Alternatively, visit WTC Mangga Dua for the complete shopping and entertainment experience. GET TH … [Read more...]

Surabaya Society

Follow the young set in this Indonesian city to a string of popular hotspots around town.   Home to a bevy of brand new nightclubs, cool coffee shops and Western-style bars, Surabaya is no longer just a town for heavy industry types and shipping officials. This coastal capital of East Java now offers good local and international coffee shops, where trendy cosmopolites sip on lattes, while well-known DJs mark the spot around the city’s up-and-comingclubbing scene. In line with the r … [Read more...]

Vertical-lifestyle enthusiast

With more than a decade of property development under his belt, Veri Y. Setiady enthuses to Aulia Rachmat about the form that cities will take in the future. “It’s time for city-dwellers to ‘get into’ a vertical lifestyle,” Veri Y. Setiady said while peering down at traffic congestion from his office on the 25th floor of an office block in a prime area of South Jakarta. His view is a reflection of the reality that the fast-growing population in big cities has been a major factor in the pric … [Read more...]