7 Most Bizarre Wedding Traditions

As the wedding season culminates in the last quarter of the year, these facts will show you how love comes in multitude of expressions.

  1. Germany

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During the wedding, the bride and groom have to saw a log in half in front of the guests to prove that they can work together and face future obstacles come what may.

  1. Scotland

Before the bride and groom don their finest grabs, they will be sloshed with alcohol and covered in flour, ash or feathers by family and friends the day before the wedding in the name of good fortune.

  1. India

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A traditional wedding will have the bride’s sisters play trick on the groom by stealing his shoes as he goes into the wedding tent. He has to bride the sisters to return the shoe before he exist.

  1. Kenya

When a bride is about to leave the village after their wedding, the father has to spit on his daughter’s head and chest to avoid misfortune in her marriage.

  1. Poland

For the newlywed’s honeymoon budget, the wedding ceremony will invite guests to pay for a dance with the bride. Her maid of honor will the collect the money for the planned honeymoon.

  1. Romania

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A fake abduction game often takes place before the wedding: The bride is kidnapped by friends, family or hired entertainers, and the groom will be knight in shining armor to rescue her.

  1. Indonesia

In Tidung, Borneo, the bride and groom must not urinate or defecate for 72 hours before the wedding in order to merit a happy marriage. They normally cut off the food and water intake to avoid nature calling.

Originally published in 3S Newsletter, Sept-Dec 2017 edition.